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Timing tools ford 1.4  1.6 picture

For Ford 1.6 TI-VCT Engine Timing Tool Kit for 1.6 Duratec EcoBoost C-MAX, Fiesta, Focus

Kit covers timing belt replacement for Ford 1.6 Duratec …

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X tunner t1 picture

XTUNER T1 Function:

Read ECU Info, Read DTCs, Erase DTCs, Clear learning value, Data Stream,
Actuations, Read freeze frame data, Read/Write VIN, Basic …

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Engine compression test picture

Engine Cylinder Compression Gauge Tester.

Complete kit comes with adapters for most applications. Check the condition of your piston ring & valve …

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Key programming picture


Simply connect the mainboard to the UPA programmer directly or by using a DB9 male / female extension cable (1:1). Insert the correct config k…

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Fuel pressure tester for petrol engine picture

Used to test if the fuel pressure regulator needs adjusting or replacing and more• Used to test if the fuel pressure regulator needs adjusting or rep…

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Diesel compression test picture

This high quality kit comes with a high quality pressure gauge which has an oil filled gauge covered in a rubber protector to give you an accurate re…

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